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Anonymous sent: So my school's marching band just had drum major elections. My boyfriend ran against two of our mutual friends and won, fair and square. Now they're talking (untrue) shit about him behind his back and generally being douchebags, saying he won only by seniority and criticizing his every move. We don't need this drama, but if I defend him people will say I'm biased. They're honestly acting like whiny children and I just want our next season to run smoothly. Please help! >_<

I would talk to your mutual friends and tell them that they need to cut it out for your friendship and also the good of the band.


Anonymous sent: Ah I was wondering if I could have some advice? I play the clarinet and I'm going into high school next year (got my acceptance letter today!) And all my friends are a year ahead of me and already in marching band, and they've been asking me to join. Which isn't a problem but I'm not very fit and not sure I would like marching? Plus I sort of would like to change to drums but don't want to go back to beginner band.. Not sure if you can help, but do you think marching band is good for everyone?

Marching band is not for everyone, however if you really like music I would encourage you to try it. Maybe go to a few practices to see what it’s like. If you feel you won’t be fit enough for it then that’s fine. But a lot of people really like it, and it’s a fantastic thing to do.Switching instruments is tricky. If you don’t want to go back to a beginner band class, learn drums on the side. Talk to some of the drummers you know and see if they’ll help you out. You can take lessons outside of school even. You might even be able to teach yourself with the right resources (beginner books, videos online etc.) There are plenty of options. Stick to clarinet in school until you can play drums well, then think about switching instruments in school to avoid repeating the beginner class. -Kelsey

Hi guys. I feel like listening to your stories so submit some funny or sad or interesting stories from your band days.

My dear freshmen


-One more time always means one more time
-Water breaks are frequent and lengthy
-The trombone section is a clean and innocent place
-The band bus is quite with no singing or screaming of show tunes
-The woodwinds never complain
-The drumline is very proper
-Brass never gets cocky
-And the upperclassmen will always tell you the truth!

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Can I just say something? Anyone coming here with questions on how to be a leader, listen. Here’s what I do
-Show that you’re boss. Be strong and firm with what you want and don’t put up with shit.
-On the same side, don’t be too firm or you’ll come off like an asshole. Everyone will hate you if you’re too tough
-Do your job as best as you can. You have to practice, too, you know.
-Know what’s going on. Don’t be as clueless as the kids you’re supposed to lead
-Set a good example. Do what you want the younger kids to do because the freshman have no fucking idea what’s happening

That’s just a few tips ok bye


Anonymous sent: So uh, I'm in guard for my marching band, and I'm section leader this year. I'm kinda new to the whole leader thing. I know what my old leaders did and I don't like how they ran things, but I don't know how to be a great leader. I don't want to disappoint. Help me?

One of the most important things to having a great section is motivation. Be the positivity on the field and since you will be looked to as the role model, thus it will spread to everyone else. Another thing, don’t be afraid to be borderline asshole if it gets things done. Theres a differencd between leading and ordering people around. Make sure everyone is on the same page to get things done and set your goals for the end of the season. You are the role model, so basically being section leader is setting the example, and others will follow.


Just to add on to what Arielle said which is 110% true, another important thing is to hold people accountable and to be approachable. It’s important for them to feel like they can ask you questions instead of being afraid of you and when they don’t do those job they need to know they won’t get away with it. Good luck you’re gonna be a great leader. -Veronica